Are Maine Coon Cats Jealous? Behavior Explained

Welcome to our article where we delve into the fascinating behavior of Maine Coon cats. One common question that arises is whether these majestic cats experience jealousy. Maine Coon cats are known for their distinct personalities, so it comes as no surprise that their behavior can sometimes be intriguing.

In this section, we will explore whether Maine Coon cats tend to pick one person to bond with if they exhibit an attitude, and if they can indeed feel jealous towards their owners. Let’s unravel the mysteries behind Maine Coon cat behavior!

Signs of Jealousy in Maine Coon Cats

When it comes to Maine Coon cats, their incredible beauty is not the only thing that makes them stand out. These majestic felines are known for their captivating green eyes, but sometimes those eyes can also reveal a hint of the green-eyed monster – jealousy. In this section, we will explore the signs that may indicate jealousy in Maine Coon cats and shed light on the causes behind this intriguing behavior.

Behaviors and Body Language

Maine Coon cats are often affectionate and loyal companions, but their jealous tendencies may manifest in various ways. Pay attention to the following behaviors and body language that can be associated with jealousy:

  • Persistent following and attention-seeking behavior
  • Excessive vocalization or hissing when attention is given to someone or something else
  • Attempts to disrupt interactions between their owner and others
  • Aggressive behavior towards perceived rivals or objects of jealousy
  • Possessive behavior over their owner or favorite toys
  • Displaying a more aloof or distant attitude as a result of jealousy

By recognizing these signs, you can better understand your Maine Coon cat’s emotions and address any potential jealousy issues.

Causes of Maine Coon Jealousy

Jealousy in Maine Coon cats can stem from various factors. Here are a few possible causes:

  • Competition for attention: Maine Coon cats often form deep bonds with their owners and may become jealous when they perceive other individuals or pets as rivals.
  • Change in routine: Any disruptions to their usual routine or environment can trigger feelings of insecurity and jealousy.
  • Lack of stimulation or interaction: Maine Coon cats are intelligent and active cats that require mental and physical stimulation. If they feel neglected or bored, it can lead to jealousy.

Understanding the causes behind your Maine Coon cat’s jealousy can help you address the root issues and create a harmonious environment.

Protective of their Owners

While jealousy in Maine Coon cats may be seen as a negative trait, it’s essential to recognize that it often stems from their deep bond with their owners. Maine Coon cats can become fiercely protective of their owners, viewing them as their family and territory. This sense of protectiveness can fuel their jealous behavior, as they strive to maintain their special connection.

“Maine Coon cats are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. Their jealousy can be seen as a testament to the strong bond they share.” – Maine Coon Lover Magazine

By understanding the signs, causes, and protective nature associated with jealousy in Maine Coon cats, you can better navigate and nurture your feline companion’s emotions, creating a loving and secure environment for everyone involved.

Are Maine Coon Cats Jealous?

Dealing with Jealousy in Maine Coon Cats

When it comes to dealing with jealousy in your Maine Coon cat, there are several strategies you can employ to help them feel secure and loved. Spending quality time together is key to strengthening your bond and preventing jealousy from arising.

Maine Coon cats are known for their possessive nature, so it’s important to make sure they feel valued and cherished. Set aside dedicated time each day for one-on-one play and cuddle sessions. Engaging in interactive play will not only provide physical exercise but also mental stimulation, helping to reduce any feelings of jealousy.

To prevent jealousy from becoming an issue in the first place, it’s essential to provide each Maine Coon cat with their own space and resources. This includes separate feeding areas, litter boxes, and cozy spots for relaxation. By offering individualized attention and resources, you can minimize the likelihood of jealousy arising.

“Spending quality time together is key to strengthening your bond and preventing jealousy from arising.”

Preventing Jealousy in Maine Coon Cats:

1. Maintain a consistent routine: Stick to a regular schedule for feeding, playtime, and grooming. Predictability can help your Maine Coon feel secure and less prone to jealousy.

2. Introduce new changes gradually: If you anticipate any changes in your household, such as bringing in a new pet or having a baby, introduce them slowly and give your Maine Coon time to adjust. Gradual introductions can help minimize the chances of triggering jealousy.

3. Provide environmental enrichment: Give your Maine Coon plenty of toys, scratching posts, and climbing opportunities to keep them mentally stimulated and engaged. A mentally fulfilled cat is less likely to become jealous.

4. Seek professional help if needed: If your Maine Coon’s jealousy becomes overwhelming or starts to negatively impact their behavior, consider consulting with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist. They can provide guidance tailored to your cat’s specific needs and help you address any underlying issues.

Remember, preventing jealousy in Maine Coon cats is all about creating a loving and secure environment. By dedicating time and attention to your feline companion, providing individualized resources, and addressing their possessive nature, you can help your Maine Coon feel content and minimize feelings of jealousy.


Throughout this article, we have explored the behavior of Maine Coon cats and whether they experience jealousy. It is important to understand that while Maine Coon cats can indeed feel jealous, it is crucial to recognize their personalities and needs.

Maine Coon cats are truly remarkable creatures. With their intelligence and active nature, they often form strong bonds with their owners and can become possessive. This attachment can sometimes manifest as jealousy if they see their beloved human giving attention to someone or something else.

By recognizing the signs of jealousy in Maine Coon cats, such as vocalization, hissing, or aggressive behavior, we can better understand their complex emotions and find ways to address their needs. Providing plenty of love, attention, and quality time with your Maine Coon can help alleviate jealousy and ensure a harmonious relationship with your feline friend.

In conclusion, Maine Coon cats are magnificent companions. They have unique personalities and can feel jealousy when their attachments are threatened. Understanding their intelligence, activity levels, and possessive tendencies can aid in preventing and managing jealousy. By catering to their individual needs, we can create a nurturing environment that promotes a healthy and loving bond with our Maine Coon cats.


Q: Are Maine Coon Cats prone to jealousy?

A: Maine Coon Cats can indeed get jealous, especially if they feel threatened or see a new person or pet getting more attention.

Q: How can you prevent your Maine Coon from becoming jealous?

A: To prevent jealousy in your Maine Coon, make sure to give them ample love and attention, spend quality time with them, and avoid situations where they may feel neglected.

Q: What are the signs of possessiveness in Maine Coon Cats?

A: Signs of possessiveness in Maine Coon Cats may include growling, becoming territorial, or displaying protective behavior over their owners or territory.

Q: Are Maine Coon Cats considered a possessive breed?

A: Yes, Maine Coon Cats are often referred to as possessive or protective due to their affectionate nature and tendency to form strong bonds with their owners.

Q: Can having two cats help prevent jealousy in Maine Coons?

A: Having two cats, especially if they get along well, can sometimes alleviate feelings of jealousy in Maine Coon Cats since they have a companion to interact with.

Q: How do you handle a jealous Maine Coon?

A: If your Maine Coon is showing signs of jealousy, try to give them individual attention, play with them, and reassure them of your love and affection.

Q: Is it common for Maine Coons to be possessive over their owners?

A: Maine Coon Cats are known to be affectionate and loving, which can sometimes translate into possessive behavior if they feel insecure or threatened.

Q: Why do Maine Coon Cats get jealous?

A: Maine Coon Cats may get jealous if they see another pet or person receiving attention that they perceive as their own, leading to feelings of insecurity or competition.