Do British Blue Kittens Eyes Change Colour? Facts

This section will explore whether British Blue kittens’ eyes change color as they grow. We will provide you with factual information and insights into the eye color transition in British Blue kittens.

Eye Color in British Blue Kittens

British Blue cats, also known as British Shorthairs, typically have copper or gold eyes. However, it is important to note that eye color in British Blue kittens can change as they grow. The transition in eye color is influenced by various factors, including genetics and age.

The Journey of Eye Color Changes

British Blue kittens are born with blue eyes, just like many other cat breeds. It’s a charming sight to see these adorable little ones with their captivating blue eyes.

As the weeks pass by, the kittens’ eyes start to change color, marking the beginning of their eye color transition. Around the age of 6-8 weeks, you may notice a subtle shift in hue as their eyes begin to transform.

This remarkable change in eye color is determined by a combination of genetics and the amount of pigment in the iris. Different genes control the production and distribution of pigment, influencing the final color of the eyes.

During this critical stage of development, the eyes slowly turn away from their initial blue shade towards their final color. The exact timeline and pattern of color change may vary from one kitten to another.

It’s fascinating to observe how the eyes of British Blue kittens evolve over time. From their first days when their eyes appear blue to the gradual transformation as they grow, each stage reveals a glimpse of their unique traits.

In the following months, British Blue kittens’ eye color matures into its adult shade. The final color can range from captivating copper hues to warm and rich gold tones, enhancing the breed’s distinctive features.

The journey of eye color changes in British Blue kittens reflects the intricate interplay between genetics and the amazing process of development. It reminds us of the beautiful diversity found within the feline world.

Age (weeks)Eye Color
6-8Starting to change color
8-12Variations of green, yellow, or gray
12+Final color – copper or gold
Do British Blue Kittens Eyes Change Colour?


British Blue kittens’ eye color changes are a natural and captivating process. From their initial blue color, we observed their eyes gradually transform into the enchanting shades of copper or gold. This transition adds to the unique and beautiful characteristics of these kittens.

As we explored the journey of eye color changes in British Blue kittens, we discovered that their eyes begin with the classic blue hue at birth, similar to many other cat breeds. Around the age of 6-8 weeks, their eyes start to transition in hue, setting them apart on their path to adulthood.

The fascinating aspect of this transformation lies in the influence of genetics and the amount of pigment in the iris. These factors determine the final color that their eyes will showcase. Observing this evolution is a testament to the intricate nature of British Blue kittens and enhances our appreciation of their individuality.


Q: Do British Blue Kittens’ Eyes Change Color?

A: Yes, British Blue kittens are born with blue eyes, but their eye color may start to change as they grow older.

Q: What Determines the Eye Color of British Shorthair Cats?

A: The genetics of the British Shorthair breed determine the eye color of these cats. Factors such as melanin levels in the iris play a role in the final eye color.

Q: At What Age Do British Shorthair Kittens’ Eyes Turn a Different Color?

A: Typically, around 6-8 weeks old, British Shorthair kittens’ eyes may appear to look blue, but the final color will start to develop as they grow older.

Q: Can British Shorthairs Have Green Eyes?

A: Yes, British Shorthair cats can have green eyes, as it is one of the common eye colors for this breed.

Q: Are Blue British Shorthairs More Prone to Heterochromia?

A: While heterochromia (different eye colors) can occur in any cat breed, it is not more common in blue British Shorthairs compared to other breeds.

Q: What Role Do Breeders Play in Determining Eye Color of Kittens?

A: Breeders selectively breed cats to maintain certain eye colors within a specific breed, like the British Shorthair, but ultimate eye color is determined by genetics.

Q: When Will Adult British Shorthair Cats’ Eyes Stop Changing Color?

A: British Shorthair cats’ eye color usually stabilizes by the time they reach adulthood, which is around 1-2 years of age.