Do Maine Coon Cats like Water? Find Out Here

In this article, we will explore the fascinating relationship between Maine Coon cats and waterMaine Coon cats are known for their large size, luxurious coats, and friendly personalities. But one characteristic that truly sets them apart from other cat breeds is their affinity for water.

Many Maine Coon cat owners have witnessed their beloved feline companions displaying a genuine love for water, whether it’s playing in a puddle, splashing around in a water bowl, or even joining them in the shower. But is this behavior common among all Maine Coons, or is it just a myth?

Join us as we delve into the world of Maine Coon cats and their water connection. We will uncover the reasons behind their love for water, explore their playful water-related behaviors, and even delve into the history and possible origins of this unique characteristic. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your Maine Coon enjoys playing with water or if you’re considering adopting one of these majestic cats, this article is for you.

Maine Coons: A Breed with a Love for Water

The Maine Coon cat breed is renowned for its unique affinity for water. These magnificent felines have a reputation for being water-loving cats, setting them apart from many other domesticated cat breeds.

Origins of the Maine Coon breed trace back to the state of Maine in the United States. Initially believed to be a result of mating between domestic cats and raccoons, which is scientifically impossible, it is now understood that Maine Coons have no genetic relation to raccoons. However, the breed’s thick and water-repellent fur may have been a factor in the mistaken assumption.

Maine Coons share some similarities with the Norwegian Forest cat, another breed known for its love of water. It is thought that their common ancestors, possibly brought by Vikings or other seafarers, may have influenced their affinity for water. While this theory remains speculative, it adds an air of enchantment to the Maine Coon breed’s connection to water.

The Maine Coon breed’s love for water can be attributed to a combination of factors. One theory suggests that their ancestors, potentially Viking ship cats, spent considerable time in maritime environments, leading to an instinctual comfort in and around water. Another possibility is that their thick, water-repellent fur provided insulation during the icy winters of their native Maine, contributing to their affinity for water-related activities.

Their playful nature is another reason for their fascination with water. Maine Coons are highly intelligent and curious cats who enjoy exploring their surroundings. This includes investigating dripping faucets, playing with water bowls, and even launching themselves into the bathtub or shower for a refreshing splash.

Maine Coon Cats and Their Water Play

Maine Coon cats are renowned for their love of water and their playful nature when it comes to H2O. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a running stream, or even a simple water bowl, these magnificent felines can’t resist the allure of water.

One of the reasons Maine Coon cats enjoy playing with water is their innate curiosity. They are highly intelligent cats who are constantly seeking stimulation and entertainment. Water provides a dynamic and sensory experience that satisfies their curious nature.

Many Maine Coon owners have witnessed their cats perched on the edge of a bathtub, entranced by the gushing faucet. They enjoy batting at the flowing water, mesmerized by its movement and sound. Some even go so far as to dip their paws in the water and playfully splash around.

This fascination with water extends beyond the bathroom. Maine Coon cats often find joy in playing with water bowls. They might dip their paws into the water and flick droplets around, turning a simple drinking session into an amusing water playtime.

The sound of running water is enticing to Maine Coons, whether it’s from a faucet, a fountain, or even a gentle rain shower. This breed’s affinity for running water can be attributed to their wild ancestors, who relied on moving water sources in the wild.

In fact, Maine Coon cats have been known to engage in a game of hide-and-seek with water. They can spend hours batting at droplets, jumping in and out of sinks, and even engaging in water games with their human companions.

This playfulness also extends to larger bodies of water. While not all Maine Coons enjoy swimming, there have been instances of these adventurous cats taking a dip in shallow pools or dabbling in lake water. This behavior showcases their fearlessness and their ability to adapt to various environments.

It’s important for Maine Coon owners to take precautions when it comes to their cats’ water play. Providing access to fresh, clean water in a safe and controlled environment is crucial. Additionally, ensuring that there are no hazards or risks associated with their water play, such as open toilets or deep water sources, will help keep them safe and satisfied.

Do Maine Coon Cats like Water?

The Origins of the Water-Loving Maine Coons

Legend has it that Maine Coon cats have a deep-rooted connection to water, and their origins lie in their presence on Viking ships. These feline companions, also known as “Viking ship cats,” were highly valued onboard for their ability to control rodents and pests. But their affinity for water was a bonus that made them indispensable shipmates.

Maine Coon cats’ love of water may have developed during their time aboard Viking ships. As vessels navigated treacherous waters and faced unpredictable weather conditions, these cats endured harsh environments alongside their human companions. The need for survival may have influenced their adaptability to water and their ability to stay dry in wet conditions.

It is believed that these ship cats honed their hunting skills by catching fish and other marine creatures while at sea. Their fearless and agile nature, combined with their size and strength, made them adept at catching prey in water. Over time, their genetic predisposition and experience interacting with water may have contributed to their affinity for it.

The Maine Coon and its Interaction with Other Breeds

The story of the Maine Coon cat does not end with its presence on Viking ships. As these ships docked in various ports around the world, the cats may have interacted and bred with other local cat populations. This interbreeding could have influenced the development of the Maine Coon breed as we know it today.

Interbreeding with other breeds may have introduced genetic traits that enhanced the Maine Coon’s physical characteristics and its love for the water. One theory suggests that the Norwegian Forest cat, with its water-repellent coat and robust build, could have played a role in shaping the Maine Coon’s water-loving nature.

Exploring the Theory

While the Viking ship cat theory offers a compelling explanation for the Maine Coon’s love of water, it is important to note that there is still much speculation surrounding their origins. The breed’s development over the centuries, combined with various crossbreeding possibilities, makes it difficult to determine a definitive answer.

However, the fact remains that Maine Coon cats, with their water-resistant fur, playful nature, and curiosity, have a strong affinity for water. Whether their love for water can be attributed to their Viking ship heritage, genetics, or other factors, one thing is clear: Maine Coon cats are unique in their fondness for water, setting them apart from many other domesticated cat breeds.

Maine Coon Cats and Their Water-Repellent Fur

Maine Coon cats are known for their distinct and luxurious fur, which plays a crucial role in their affinity for water. This breed’s fur is exceptionally water-repellent, keeping them dry and comfortable even during water-related activities. Let’s explore the characteristics and benefits of their remarkable fur.

Fur Characteristics

The fur of Maine Coon cats is dense, silky, and luxurious, consisting of multiple layers. It is designed to protect them from various weather conditions, including water. The outer layer is longer and coarser, while the inner layers are softer and more insulating. This combination makes their fur not only visually stunning but also highly functional.

The water-repellent properties of their fur can be attributed to its texture and oil content. Maine Coon cats have long, guard hairs that repel moisture, preventing it from saturating the underlying layers of fur. Additionally, their fur follicles produce natural oils that further enhance its water-repellent capabilities.

Grooming and Maintenance

To maintain their water-repellent fur, Maine Coon cats require regular grooming. Brushing their fur helps distribute the natural oils, keeping it in optimal condition. This grooming process supports the fur’s water-resistant properties and helps prevent mats and tangles, ensuring the cat remains comfortable and well-protected.

It is important for Maine Coon cat owners to pay special attention to their cat’s grooming routine, as neglecting it may compromise the fur’s water-repellent qualities. Regular brushing also helps remove excess hair, reducing the risk of fur balls and keeping the coat clean.

Keeping Warm and Dry

Aside from its water-repellent nature, the fur of Maine Coon cats also helps them stay warm in cold weather. The multiple layers of fur provide excellent insulation, trapping warm air close to the body and shielding the cat from low temperatures. This adaptability makes them particularly well-suited to various climates.

When exposed to water, Maine Coon cats can rely on their fur to keep them dry and comfortable. The combination of water resistance, proper grooming, and insulating properties helps them regulate their body temperature effectively, whether they’re exploring wet environments or lounging by a cozy fireplace.

Comparing Fur Characteristics

Fur TypeMaine Coon CatsOther Breeds
Grooming NeedsRegularVaries


In conclusion, Maine Coon cats are a unique breed that stands out for their love of water. Throughout this article, we have explored their history, behaviors, and characteristics related to water and discovered the reasons behind their affinity for it.

Maine Coon cats’ fascination with water sets them apart from other domesticated cat breeds. While individual preferences may vary, their overall fondness for water is a significant aspect of their breed identity.

Whether it’s playing with water bowls, enjoying the sound of a running faucet, or even accompanying their owners in the shower, Maine Coon cats exhibit a natural attraction to water. This behavior is likely a result of their genetic makeup and their role as ship companions in the past.

So, if you’re a Maine Coon cat owner or considering adopting one, be prepared for their water-loving tendencies. Embrace their unique characteristics and provide them with safe and enjoyable opportunities to interact with water. After all, watching a Maine Coon cat play and explore with water can be a delightful experience for both you and your feline companion.


Q: Do Maine Coon Cats really like water?

A: Yes, many Maine Coon Cats do like water. They are known for their fascination with water and may enjoy playing in it or even taking a dip!

Q: How can I tell if my Maine Coon Cat likes water?

A: If your Maine Coon Cat is constantly hanging around the sink, bathtub, or even splashing in their water bowl, chances are they have a love for water!

Q: Can I bathe my Maine Coon Cat?

A: Yes, you can bathe your Maine Coon Cat if needed. They may even enjoy the experience due to their affinity for water.

Q: Is it true that Maine Coon Cats like water too much?

A: While Maine Coon Cats do have a reputation for liking water more than other cat breeds, it’s not a problem unless it becomes excessive or obsessive behavior.

Q: Can I take my Maine Coon Cat for a walk on a leash near water?

A: Yes, many Maine Coon Cats enjoy walks on leashes and being around water. Just make sure they are comfortable with the environment and water is safe if they decide to explore!